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The only stage coach stop between Cedar Rapids and Toledo!
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This web site is the result of years of wondering what to do with my grandmothers recipes.  It was a shame to just let them set around hidden from public view.  Many thanks to my mother's detemination to save everything in our family scrap books.  They have proven to be invaluable in putting this all together.  And also for her calling to my attention some of the decrepencies in the stories told to various reporters through the years.  My only regret is that my grandfather didn't sell the place to the people who would have preserved the Fremont Hotel for future generations.  It would have made a nice tourist stop for people heading west out of Cedar Rapids,  Iowa today like it was a nice place for stagecoaches 140 years ago


Please contact me if you have any questions about or information to add about the Fremont Hotel.  Soon the only information left will be what is tucked away in somebodies attic. 

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